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Kolmetz Handbook

of Process Equipment Design

(Engineering Design Guidelines)


KLM Technology Group has developed


Engineering Design Guidelines,

Engineering Design and Sizing Software,

Project Engineering Technical Standards

Typical Unit Operating Manuals

Petrochemical Manufacturing Reports

to assist design engineers, operations and maintenance personnel in designing many of the equipment types in refining, off shore production and chemical plant unit operations.

Engineering Design Guidelines are typically a collection of multiple industry references which need to be reviewed by an operations personnel or design engineer when designing or specifying a piece of equipment such as a control valve, relief valve or heat exchanger.  

The references at times can almost seem to contradicted each other.  There is a vast amount of engineering hours spent each year in reviewing these industry references and very often no good recommendation is developed from the reference review. 

To help simplify this process, we have reviewed the industry references and have developed guidelines for engineers to do Preliminary Designs and Process Specification Sheets.  The final design must always be guaranteed for the service selected by the manufacturing vendor, but these guidelines will greatly reduce the amount of up front engineering hours that are required to develop the final design. The guidelines are a training tool for young engineers and a resource for engineers with experience.

There are some very low cost guidelines and programs, sometimes even free, provided by the equipment vendors.  Let the buyer beware, many times these guidelines and programs tend to pick their brand as the best choice - good for the vendor, maybe not so good for the buyer.

Ethylene and Olefin Plant Unit Systems

Refining Unit Systems


Engineering Design Guidelines


1. Written Guideline of Design Basis

A. Introduction - An introduction which has an overview of each application - 3 to 10 pages.

B. Definitions - A list of definitions used in the industry and these guidelines - 1 to 3 pages.


C. Theory - The engineering fundamentals and principals that are used to design the particular piece of equipment - 5 to 20 pages.


D. Application - How the engineering fundamentals and principals are applied in the field, with an example of the design of the equipment - 5 to 20 pages.

E. Process Specification Sheet - For the designed equipment example a typical process data sheet is derived - 1 to 2 pages.


2.    Excel Based Spreadsheet based on Written Guideline Content


The Excel Spread Sheets are based on the written guideline contents.  They also include the designed equipment examples in the written content.  There is one spread sheet with multiple work sheets tabs for the examples.


3.    Application Program Based on Written Guideline Content 


We are developing Application Programs based on the Written Guideline Content. 


The introduction to each Engineering Design Guideline can be reviewed on the link below.  Please contact us for ordering information and availability.

Current Guidelines (Currently 45+ and we are adding monthly)

One Engineering Design Guideline and Excel Spreadsheet -  USD $499.95


Five or more Engineering Design Guidelines - USD $2249.95  (10% Discount)


Engineering Design Sizing Program - USD $ 299.95   


Purchasing Guidelines

Engineering Equipment Fundamentals Group


1.   Engineering Design Guidelines for Piping Fluid Flow Hydraulics Line Sizing and Material Selection


    Piping Hydraulics Line Sizing Excel Spread Sheet


    Piping Hydraulics Line Sizing Equipment Data Sheet


2.   Engineering Design Guidelines for Piping Two Phase Fluid Flow Hydraulics Calculations


    Piping Two Phase Hydraulics Line Sizing Excel Spread Sheet


    Piping Two Phase Hydraulics Line Sizing Equipment Data Sheet


3.   Engineering Design Guidelines for Piping Fluid Flow Hydraulic Surge Calculations


    Piping Surge Calculations Hydraulics Line Sizing Excel Spread Sheet


    Piping Surge Calculations Hydraulics Line Sizing Equipment Data Sheet

4.   Engineering Design Guidelines for Piping Fluid Flow Measurement Sizing and Selection

5.   Engineering Design Guidelines for Instrumentation Control Valve Sizing and Selection


      Instrumentation Control Valve Design Sizing Software Excel Spreadsheet  Part 1  Part 2

      Instrumentation Control Valve Specification Sheet


6.   Engineering Design Guideline for General Instrumentation Sizing and Selection


7.   Engineering Design Guidelines for Pressure Relief Valve Sizing and Selection

       Pressure Relief Valve Design Sizing Software Excel Spreadsheet

       Pressure Relief Valve Data Specification Sheet

8.   Engineering Design Guidelines for Pump Hydraulic Sizing and Selection

       Pump Hydraulic Design Sizing Excel Spreadsheet


       Pump Process Data Specification Sheet


9.   Engineering Design Guidelines for Heat Exchanger Sizing and Selection


       Heat Exchanger Design Sizing Software Excel Spreadsheet

       Heat Exchanger Process Data Specification Sheet


10.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Compressor Sizing and Selection


12.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Separation Vessels Sizing and Selection


13. Engineering Design Guidelines for Safety in Process Equipment Design

14.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Safety in Overpressure Reliving Systems

15.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Steam Turbines Sizing and Selection

16.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Turbo Expanders Sizing and Selection

17.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Filter Separators Sizing and Selection


Engineering Equipment Systems Groups

30.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Membrane Selection and Sizing

31.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Static Mixer Selection and Sizing

32.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Flare Selection and Sizing

Flare Design Sizing Spreadsheet Part 1   Part 2

33. Engineering Design Guidelines for Storage Tanks Selection and Sizing

34. Engineering Design Guidelines for a Refinery Crude Tower Selection and Sizing

35.  Engineering Design Guidelines for a Refinery Vacuum Tower Selection and Sizing

36.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Refinery Furnaces

37.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Amine Gas Dehydration Systems

38.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Mole Sieve Dehydration Systems

39.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Gas Sweetening Systems

41.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Process Control

42.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Refrigeration Systems

43.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Slug Catcher Units

44.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Crude Unit Desalter Units

45.  Engineering Design Guidelines of HVAC Systems

46.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Cooling Towers Selection and Sizing

47.  Engineering Design Guidelines for a Typical Distillation Column Selection and Sizing


48.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Trayed Column Hydraulics


      Tray Hydraulics Design Sizing Excel Spreadsheet  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3


49.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Packed Column Hydraulics


       Packing Hydraulics Design Sizing Excel Spreadsheet    Part 1    Part 2

50.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Reboiler Selection and Sizing

51.  Engineering Design Guidelines For Furnaces


52.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Boilers and Pressure Vessels

53.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Coalescer Selection and Sizing

54.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Crystallization Systems

55.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Catalyst Systems

56.  Engineering Design Guidelines for NOx Removal Units

57.  Engineering Design Guidelines for General Plant Cost Estimating

58. Engineering Design Guideline for Refinery FCC Units


59. Engineering Design Guideline for Refinery Alkylation Units

60. Engineering Design Guidelines for Flare Knock Out Drums

61. Engineering Design Guidelines for Silencer Applications

62. Engineering Design Guidelines for Energy Management

63. Engineering Design Guidelines for Evaporation Systems

64. Engineering Design Guideline for Waste Water Treatment Units

65. Engineering Design Guidelines for Solid Waste Treatment

66. Engineering Design Guidelines for Water Treatment Units

67. Engineering Design Guidelines for Hydrotreater Units

68 Engineering Design Guideline for Refinery Catalytic Reformer Units

69. Engineering Design Guidelines for BTX Extraction Units


Ethylene and Olefin Plants

70.  Engineering Design Guidelines of Olefin Compressors

71.  Engineering Design Guidelines for an Ethylene Plant Quench Oil Tower Selection and Sizing


72.  Engineering Design Guidelines for an Ethylene Plant Quench Water Tower Selection and Sizing


73.  Engineering Design Guidelines for an Ethylene Plant C2 Splitter Selection and Sizing.


74.  Engineering Design Guidelines for an Ethylene Plant C3 Splitter Selection and Sizing.


75.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Olefin Furnaces

76. Engineering Design Guidelines for Spent Caustic Treatment Systems

77. Engineering Design Guideline for Water Water Stripper Columns Selection and Sizing

Management  Group

110.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Project Management

111.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Quality Control Management

112. Engineering Design Guidelines for Benchmarking of Process Units


Engineering Fundamentals Group

151. Engineering Fundamentals for Solid and Fluid Mechanics

152. Engineering Fundamental Guideline for Engineering Materials and Their Strength

153.  Engineering Fundamental Guideline for Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer

154.  Engineering Fundamental Guidelines for Engineering Ethics

155.  Engineering Fundamental Guideline for Safety in Process Design


Engineering Safety Group

180. Engineering Design Guidelines for Safety in Process Equipment Design

181.  Engineering Design Guidelines for Safety in Overpressure Reliving Systems

182. Engineering Design Guidelines for Process Safety Managment


Natural Gas Group

301.   Chemical Manufacturing Report for Air Separation Units

302.   Chemical Manufacturing Report for Hydrotreater Units

303.   Chemical Manufacturing Report for LPG Units

304.   Chemical Manufacturing Report LNG Units

305.   Chemical Manufacturing Report for NGL Units

306.   Chemcial Manufacturing Report Ethylene (Olefin) Units

307.   Chemical Manufacturing Report for  Butadiene Extraction Units

308.   Chemical Manufacturing Report for Olefin C4 Derivative Units

309.   Chemical Manufacturing Report for BTX Extraction Units

310.   Chemical Manufacturing Report for EB/Styrene Units

311.   Chemical Manufacturing Report for Polyethylene Units

312.   Chemical Manufacturing Report for Polypropylene Units

313.   Chemical Manufacturing Report  for Mercury Removal Units

314.   Chemical Manufacturing Report  for Ammonia Units

315.   Chemical Manufacturing Report for 1-Butene Units