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International Association

of Certified Practicing Engineers

Knowledge, Certification, Networking


Certified Practicing Engineer - CPE

Certified Practicing Engineer Level II - CPE II

Certified Practicing Engineer Level I - CPE I

Certified Practicing Engineer - Engineer in Training - CPE EIT


Value of the Certificate

Provides a standard of professional competence and ethics for

 engineering, maintenance and operations personnel.

Identifies and recognizes those individuals who meet the standard

Encourages engineering, maintenance and operations personnel

to participate in a continuing education program of personal

and professional development

Value for the Professional

Develops career planning milestones


Gains a valuable career credential


Aligns your knowledge to industry competency standards


Attain abilities recognized across the industry


Demonstrate an investment in yourself - certification requires continuing education which helps keep your knowledge current


Connect with industry experts who can help you to jumpstart your career

Value for the your Company


Demonstrates to customers, competitors, suppliers, staff and investors that your business is run effectively and uses industry-respected best practices.

Ensures that you are continually improving and refining your activities.

Improves staff ethics, responsibility, commitment and motivation to keep company standards and knowledge up to date.

A path to improve overall performance and widen market opportunities.


Requirements to enter the Program as a CEP EIT

1. Three years of formal training in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics.

2. A letter of recommendation from one of your Academic Professors.

3. Three letters of recommendation from your associates who have knowledge of your study / work history and ethics.


Curriculum Modules

IACPE has developed curriculum modules which document the methods to practically apply the fundamental theories taught in the classroom for application in the field. 

1. If a professional would study and understand the curriculum they would bring value to any employer. 

2. Any professional with this certificate and training would increase their value in the job market.

3. If your company has no standard formalized training for your new professional, this certificate and program would be a great benefit to you organization.

4. Curriculum Modules are based on the Kolmetz Handbook of Process Equipment Design






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