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Training Videos

It is very important to maximize your training investment in any economic climate.  It may be more critical to train your employees in a downturn to capture every dollar of profit; but the challenge remains that budgets are reduced in a downturn.  So how can we assure that our employees have the core competency skills to maximize profits at a reduced cost.  One way is with training Videos.

We have build some introduction to the topics and place for free on U-Tube, as well as some safety videos. They can be found at;


The Advanced Videos can be purchased here for USD 499.95 each



Please Review our list of Training Video Topics

Project Management

1. KLM Introduction to Project Management (Free on U-Tube)

2. Advanced Project Management Part 1 - covers project time, quality and cost

3. Advanced Project Management Part 2 - covers project scope, risk and schedule

4. Advanced Project Management Part 3 - covers project teams, execution and control


Process Simulation

1. Introduction to Process Simulation and Rating Process Simulation Programs (Free on U-Tube)

2. Advanced Process Simulation Part 1 - covers general towers simulation and tray efficiency - DePentizer Example

3. Advanced Process Simulation Part 2 - covers refinery crude towers

4. Advanced Process Simulation Part 3 - covers refinery vacuum towers

5. Advanced Process Simulation Part 4 - covers ethylene plant general towers - C3 Splitter Example

6. Advanced Process Simulation Part 5 - covers ethylene plant quench oil and quench water towers

7. Advanced Process Simulation Part 6 - covers untilizing simulation programs to assist in troubleshooting


Process Unit Flare Systems

1. KLM Introduction to Process Unit Flares (Free on U-Tube)

2. Advanced Process Flares Part 1 - covers Relief Valve Design and Sizing

3. Advanced Process Flares Part 2 - covers Flare Header Design and Sizing

4. Advanced Process Flares Part 3 - covers Flare Knock Out Drum Design and Sizing

5. Advanced Process Flares Part 4 - covers advanced flare / tip design and troubleshooting



1. KLM Introduction to Distillation Troubleshooting (Free on U-Tube)

2. Advanced Distillation Part 1 - covers types of trays and packing and when to utilize each

3. Advanced Distillation Part 2 - covers tray and packing hydraulics

4. Advanced Distillation Part 3 - covers distillation for fouling service

5. Advanced Distillation Part 4 - covers distillation for vacuum service

6. Advanced Distillation Part 5 - covers optimizing columns for improved operation and maintenance

7. Advanced Distillation Part 6 - covers distillation process control

8. Advanced Distillation Part 7 - covers advanced distillation troubleshooting with case studies

9. Advanced Distillation Part 8 - covers distillation commissioning

10. Advanced Distillation Part 9 - covers distillation for operations personnel


Ethylene Plant

1. Introduction to Ethylene Processing (in progress)

2. Advanced Ethylene Part 1 - covers ethylene chemistry and process configurations

3. Advanced Ethylene Part 2 - covers ethylene furnace configurations and advantages to each

4. Advanced Ethylene Part 3 - covers ethylene quench towers / hot section

5. Advanced Ethylene Part 4 - covers ethylene cold section

6. Advanced Ethylene Part 5- covers ethylene troubleshooting with case studies

7. Advanced Ethylene Part 6 - covers optimizing ethylene plant operations



1. Introduction to Refining (in progress)

2. Advanced Refining Part 1 - covers refining chemistry and configurations

3. Advanced Refining Part 2 - covers crude unit configurations

4. Advanced Refining Part 3 - covers general refining catalyst processes

5. Advanced Refining Part 4 - covers hydrotreater processes

6. Advanced Refining Part 5 - covers catalyic reformer processes

7. Advanced Refining Part 6 - covers FCC processes

8. Advanced Refining Part 7 - covers refinery troubleshooing with case studies