Engineering Best Practices

KLM Technology Group has developed

Engineering Design Guidelines,

Project Engineering Technical Standards

Typical Unit Operating Manuals

Petrochemical Manufacturing Reports

to assist design engineers, operations and maintenance personnel in designing many of the equipment types in refining, off shore production and chemical plant unit operations.

Engineering Best Practices are a collection of knowledge learned over multiple years at mulples sites. They should be utilized to help engineers, operations personnel and maintance personnel to develop procedures for each of these best practices.

Engineering Best Practices

  1. Written Best Practices

    1. Introduction - An introduction which has an overview of each best practice.

    2. Definitions - A list of definitions used in the industry and these guidelines

    3. Application - How the engineering fundamentals and principals are applied in the field - 5 to 20 pages.

The introduction to each Engineering Best Practice can be reviewed on the link below. Please contact us for ordering information and availability.


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Engineering Best Practices

1. Engineering Best Practice for Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

2. Engineering Best Practice for Pneumatic Pressure Testing

3. Engineering Best Practice for Distillation Column Internals Installation and Inspection

4. Engineering Best Practice for Ethylene Furance Decoking

5. Engineering Best Practice for Hot Tapping of Piping 

6. Engineering Best Practice for Commissioning Steam and Air Line Blowing