KLM Technology Group

Manufacturing Work Plan

Most companies have a Yearly Manufacturing Work Plan. They include some very general items, and some unit specific items. Here are some of the general items that might be on most Yearly Manufacturing Work Plans.

  1. Improve personnel attitudes and foster a spirit of teamwork and cooperation among the different Manufacturing Departments.

  2. Improve Technical Competency of Staff.

  3. Insure compliance and improvements Health, Safety and Environmental Areas.

  4. Replace personnel vacancies and prepare organization succession plans for sustainability.

  5. Improve overall energy usage by 3% per year.

  6. Improve overall feedstock utilization (yields) on a year to year basis.

  7. Increase plant reliability and on stream factor on a year to year basis.

  8. Prepare feasibility studies for expansion of all plants.

  9. Improve the organization for Maintenance Outage Planning.

  10. Improve Quality Systems to monitor and improve performance.

  11. Prepare for technical obsolescence of equipment.

  12. Propose special recognition incentives.

  13. Reduce ware house inventory.