Project Management

The primary goal of the project manager and project team, is to finish the project as specified, as scheduled and within budget.

Keys of The Project Management

  1. Plan, Organize, and Control - This applies to virtually every activity on the project- starting with kick off meeting and extending to all engineering, procurement and construction activities.

  2. KISS - Keep It Simple Stupid - Over detailed plan, budgets, schedules, and control systems do not automatically equate to more successful projects.



The general planning activities include;

  1. The project execution plan

  2. The time plan/schedule

  3. The money plan

  4. The material and resource plan


The general organizational activities include;

  1. Prepare organizational charts

  2. Prepare personnel loading curves

  3. Issue project procedures


The general control activities include;

  1. Quality control of engineering, materials, and construction

  2. Control project schedule

  3. Control budget and cash flow