Distillation Solutions - Random Packing

Distillation Random Packing is utilized in many distillation applications.

  1. The low pressure drop provided by random packing makes it a good choice for foaming and vacuum systems.

  2. Random Packing minimizes residence time by maintaining low liquid hold up and

  3. has the advantage of fast installation.

KLM Distillation Packing Overview July 2003

Random Packing Replacements

KLM Technology Group offers new or replacement random packing to match your existing equipment. This can be done in a preplanned or expedited manner.

For columns where there is a high likelihood of corrosion or the potential need of ring replacements, preplanned ring replacements can be manufactured and delivered.

With our Key Installation Partner we can quickly mobilize to your site and install the replacement rings. KLM can supply Original Manufacture Equipment from each of the major suppliers or a generic brand based on the customers requirements.

Materials of Construction

Random packing is available in various materials of construction such as:

Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel, including Austenitic, Ferritic, Martensitic; types 409/410/430, 304 and 316 are readily available

Titanium and Zirconium

Copper and copper alloys


Duplex Stainless Steel

Nickel and nickel alloys