Distillation Solutions

KLM Technology Group has been providing Distillation Solutions since 2005 with our key partners and manufactures. We have assisted small, medium and multi-national corporations to supply Practical Distillation Solutions all over the world.

To further assist our partner clients we offer new and replacement distillation equipment from the Original Equipment Manufactures or Generic Equipment Manufactures as requested by our partner clients.

There are several advantages for you to partner with our team.

  1. The advantage for the end user is that KLM’s overhead cost is significantly lower than other EPC companies and / or other distillation providers, leading to significantly lower distillation cost with the potential of higher quality, leading to the best of both worlds; high quality at a very competitive cost. Our Overhead Cost is low and we pass the savings to your team. You should include our team in your bid loop.

  2. As an EPC Company we can purchase from any supplier.

  3. As Distillation Simulation and Installation experts we can provide Process Guarantees, including capacity and purity. Most Distillation Manufactures will only provide hydraulic guarantees, not capacity and purity guarantees. A Process Study can provide a large return on investment.

  4. If you decide to do “replacement in kind” – is this the best option? If you have a fouling service, is your current equipment fouling resistant? If you have a clean service, is your current equipment the most efficient? KLM would be happy to quote “replacement in kind” and / or better options.

  5. We have replacement stock in key countries leading to the ability to have very fast replacement as needed. We can develop key partnerships to maintain replacement stock in your country for your team.

  6. We can provide Installation Experts to work with your team to insure equipment is installed properly on a daily rate basis.

Solutions offered include;

Random Packing

Structured Packing

Distillation Trays

Distillation Hardware

Replacement Services

August 2019 Price List