Technical Articles


Index 1. Aromatics

Index 2. Distillation

Index 3. Environmental Concerns

Index 4. Ethylene / Olefin Process

Index 5. General Process

Index 6. Oleo Chemical

Index 7. Personal Development

Index 8. Health and Safety

Index 9. Refining

Index 10. Operational Excelence

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Index 1. Aromatics

A-01. Texas Refiner expands aromatics capacity 20% with staged revamp

A-02. BTX Extractive Distillation Capacity Increased by Enhanced Packing Distributors

Index 2. Distillation

D-01. Resolving Distillation Equipment Problems

D-03. Flow Phenomena in Staged and Non Staged Distillation Equipment

D-04. Design Guidelines for Utilizing Distillation Simulation Software in the Field

D-13. Design Guidelines for Distillation Revamps

D-14. A Design Review of Steam Stripping Columns for Wastewater Service

D-15. The Economic Advantage Added by Specialized Knowledge of Distillation Fundamentals (Kolmetz Law)

D-15. Design Guidelines for Propylene Splitter Distillation Columns

Index 3. Environmental Concerns

E-01. Environmental Concerns Addressed in the Design of a New Ethylene Plant

E-02. Cooling Tower Monitoring and Environmental Compliance

E-03. Benchmarking a Waste Water Treatment Systems


Index 4. Olefins / Ethylene

O-01. Ethylene Unit Test Run Planning and Execution

O-02. Ethylene Unit Saturator and Dilution Steam Generators Challenges

O-04. Ethylene Unit Pyrolysis Furnace Opportunities & Strategic Improvements

O-05. Ethylene Unit Cracked Gas Compressor Case Studies on Fouling

O-06. Increase Fractionation Efficiency: Propylene Fractionation Example

O-18. Design Guidelines for Ethylene Quench Towers

O-19. Design Guidelines for Propylene Splitter Distillation Columns

Index 5. General Process

G-01. Molecular Sieve Applications

G-02. Flare Safety Overview

G-03. Improving the Reliability of High Heat Flux Reboilers

G-06. Production of Polyethylene Using Gas Fluidized Bed Reactor

G-07. Chemical Engineering Review Paper

G-08. Flare Safety Incident

G-09. Design Guidelines for Chemical Treatments in Distillation Columns

Index 7. Personal Development

P-01. Career Guidelines for Young and Old Graduates

P-02. Communicating Effectively Among Engineers

P-04. Engineering Education Goals; Building Tomorrow's Leaders

Index 8. Health and Safety

S-01. Safety Results Mirror Expectations at New Grassroots Ethylene Plant

S-02. Ethylene Plant Safety Incidents

S-03. Design Guidelines for Safety in Piping Networks

Index 9. Refining

R-01. Troubleshooting Practice in the Refinery - AIChE

R-02. FCC Catalyst Selection


Index 10. Operational Excellence

OE-01. Building Operational Excellence